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Keywords: Amazon, e-book, self-publishing, INDY-PUBLISHING vanity publishing

-numbers about (e-)books now.

–e-books ratio in “Trade Book” (whole books in market)
Association of American Publishers, “AAP StatShot: Book Publisher Trade Sales Flat for 2016,” June 15,2017

–number of e-books published
Jim Milliot, “With E-books Down, E-tailers Are Still Far From Out,” Publishers Weekly, April 28, 2017

— ratio who read e-books total and classified
Andrew Perrin, “Nearly one-in-five Americans now listen to audiobooks,” FactTank, March 8, 2018

— statics of online books sales Apr.~Dec.
Author Earnings, “January 2018 Report: US online book sales, Q2-Q4 2017“

–56 indy-books in th best seller ranking TOP100 (Feb. 2016)
(.. Why? because indy-books are cheap, in one side. 20 books of above were US$2.99~US$5.99 but not US$0.99[lowest], and author’s share of indy-book are up to 70%[usually 10-20%, old style publishing 5%]) [Author Earnings, 2015]
–31% of TOP ranking 1,000,000 books in was indy-books (total books in are ~3,230,000) in spite of BIG5 US publishing companies share was 13%. [Author Earnings, 2015]
–Authors in earned US$25,000 on it and 40% was indy-books authors. US$100,000, 9,900 authors. [Author Earnings, 2015]
–37% of e-books in have no ISBN .. [Author Earnings, Oct. 2015]

-other refs.
Author Earnings, February 2016 Author Earnings Report: Amazon’s Ebook, Print, and Audio Sales

“Trade Publishing Increases Nearly 7%, Ebooks Grow Nearly 45%, According to BookStats Industry Survey for 2012,” BookBusiness, May 15, 2013

Trade Publishing Increases Nearly 7%, Ebooks Grow Nearly 45%, According to “BookStats” Industry Survey for 2012

Jim Milliot, “The Verdict on 2014: Sales up 4.6%,” Publishers Weekly, Jun 12, 2015

Association of American Publishers, “U.S. Publishing Industry’s Annual Survey Reveals Nearly $28 Billion in Revenue in 2015,” July 11, 2016

Ellen Harvey, “Book Industry Data Remains Mysterious at Digital Book World,” BookBusiness, March 9, 2016

Book Industry Data Remains Mysterious at Digital Book World

by Kazuaki Okabe
“Not self-publishing but INDY-PUBLISHING — Electric publishing era, No ISBN needed –”
(「自費出版」でなくて「インディー出版」 -電子出版時代にISBN無用論も)

by Kazuaki Okabe
“40% of books in US was e-book, and half of it was indy-publishing, Is e-book market stil growing?”
(米出版書籍の4割がe-book、その半分がインディー出版 ―依然、市場拡大か )

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